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How to Future-Proof Your Audit Career

February 18 2021 • 2 min read

How to Future-Proof Your Audit Career

We’ve got some bad news. The halcyon days of the audit professional are behind us (if they were ever real at all). And while audit is still an essential function of modern business, it’s also in a state of flux. Whether you view artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technology as friends or foes, there’s no denying the impact they’ll have on your audit career. As a result, many audit workers are looking for ways to future-proof their work. As the global leader in on-demand audit talent, we’ve got you covered. 

Don’t be afraid of tech

To start, we’d like to make something abundantly clear. There’s no way you, as a human, can compete with the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of a modern computer. And you shouldn’t try to. That’s like getting into a footrace with a bullet train. But don’t let that discourage you. Instead, use it to your advantage.

Let us repeat: if you’re interested in a long-term, successful audit career, don’t be afraid of technology. Instead, learn to leverage it in creative and productive ways. Far from stealing your thunder, technology stands to make you an even more efficient audit worker. 

For example, leveraging tech to automate menial tasks, like data entry, will give you more time to do higher-order work—AKA, the stuff your software can’t handle. Rather than automating yourself out of a job, you’ll be demonstrating your position’s true value: human oversight.

Embrace soft skills

Speaking of human, it’s time to start honing your “humaning” skills. These so-called soft skills—things like communication skills, empathy, curiosity, resilience—have become increasingly important in the digital age. In fact, according to Forbes, creativity consistently ranks as the highest in-demand soft skill. 

Naz Beheshti writes, “As technical tasks become outsourced to computing and AI, it is the ability to see things differently and to connect the dots in new ways that distinguish great companies from good ones.” The same is true on the individual level. Developing your communication skills, flexing your creativity, and building workplace resilience are excellent ways to future-proof your audit career. 

Change is key to growth

Why are soft skills becoming so important? Because of how drastically work environments have changed. The days of showing up at the office, punching a time clock, and heading home at 5pm are gone. Today, we see various workspaces—from breakout spaces and home offices to social areas and dedicated quiet rooms. Plus, computers and virtual meeting apps power business from anywhere in the world. 

As a result, today’s workforce needs to be more agile than ever before. Today's audit workers probably won’t retire with the first firm that hires them. And that’s ok! Because there are also more ways to work than ever before. And onboarding with Makosi is just one of them. 


The audit industry is evolving. And that should be exciting news for anyone interested in a long, productive audit career. Thanks to advances in technology and the way we work, the future of audit is now. And Makosi is here to empower the skilled audit workers who make it all possible. Interested in learning more? Get in touch


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