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Luna Release 1.0

October 15 2021 • 1 min read

Luna Release 1.0

Hi all

Happy Friday! We have some new functionality in Luna which we would like to make you aware of….. Sit tight because this release is HUGE!! I encourage you to please read through the relevant section and reach out to either myself or @Dana Naidoo | Makosi if you need more information on how to make use of the new functionality. 


  • Updates to the application form
    • Tooltips and additional guidance
    • Nationality, DOB, ID Number
  • Move Keystroke Pro Trigger to after an application has passed initial review
  • Review Profile Page contains additional information ( Type of work experience, Audit Firm, Articles signed off, Nationality
  • Bulk Offer Download and Upload (PandaDoc Integration)
  • Search: Add additional filter based on Assessment score, show exam details on search results
  • Role Type added to Request
  • “Profile Cleaned” and “Profile Complete” columns added to the request
  • Scheduling Report Update
    • Sorting of report (consultants without project at the top of the report, followed by no project within the next 2 weeks, and then 4 weeks)
    • Filter on client, candidate stage, submittal stage on request
    • Customized colouring on the report (Future requests move from red to green as the applicant moves along the different request buckets)
    • Daily Email with consultants:
      • Currently not on project
      • Not on project based on {today’s date} in 2 weeks
      • Not on project based on {today’s date} in 4 weeks
  • Calendly Grouped Interview Bookings (Round Robin Event)


  • Client can specific the Roles and Quantities on a Request
  • Client can edit requests after the request has been created
  • Consolidation schedule bug fixes
  • Alliance Network
    • Custom Branding for each alliance network
    • Alliance network self registration 
    • Creation of alliance network firm client portal 
    • Pulling of Alliance Network Blog Feed into Client portal
    • Capturing of Alliance Network Firm Goals on the client profile in Luna


  • “Intelligent Filter” which updates the consultant list filter based on the client chosen


  • Updates to Timesheets Speed
  • Consultants able to add engagements on timesheets after a project end date
  • EM Approval on RFCS on the request

Thank you! 


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