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Luna Release 2.0

November 30 2021 • 1 min read

Luna Release 2.0

Hi everyone

Hope you have all having a lovely week! Our Release 2.0 is now live – please note that our QA team is doing some final testing in the production environment so please let us know if anything unusual comes up. This was a pretty large release! 

Reminder that we have created a separate Reporting environment for all reports that you would like to generate from Luna Data (you can sign in using your existing credentials). New reports can be requested via our Sharepoint site! But why is this valuable? Well, we can turn around reports in +-24 hours! So log those reports!

Luna Statuses:

  • Creation of Candidate Application Statuses (CAS)
  • Creation of Employee Contract Statuses (ECS)
  • Creation of Employee Project Statuses (EPS)
  • Remapping of existing consultants to new statuses


  • Creation of Contract Templates in Luna which are mapped to PandaDoc Contracts
  • Contract generation directly from Luna 
  • PandaDocs outstanding documents
  • Suggested Candidates added to a request 
  • Updates to Scheduling Report (filter on at Risk and schedule legend)
  • Bulk Reassignment tool for existing TS

People and Operations:

  • Assigning of a JA on Offer Generation and Creation in Luna
  • Bulk Reassignment tool for existing JA


  • Project Extensions Report 

As always feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need help with any of this new functionality.


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