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Luna Release 2.1

December 24 2021 • 3 min read

Luna Release 2.1

Hi Dream Team

While we know some of you are already on leave, our 2.1 release went live this week and we thought we'd share all the updates, new functionality and new announcement format with you!

As you will see, this release update is now available inside of Luna and you now have access to all previous release notes too! To navigate to the release archive page, click the "Releases" option in the top right navigation pane, above your user menu:

There were quite a few updates and patches included in this release together with some new functionality and a ton of new reports:

Offers & Contracts:

  • New templates for full-time employees.
  • New templates for sign-on bonus addendums.
  • Ability to override an offer's status to either Rejected, Voided or Active
  • Updated functionality to automatically schedule future-dated employees' statuses (Employees with an effective start date in the future will now show up as Offer Accepted and will automatically update to Active on the effective date.
  • Ability for manual offers to be added, edited and managed from Luna.
  • We now on contract completion, save a copy of the signed PDF contract to Luna and is visible under the "Documents" section of an Applicant's record (permission-dependent!).
  • New "Offer Contact Report" module allowing recruiters to capture and have visibility of attempts to contact pending contract consultants during the offer phase:

Luna Statuses:

  • The ECS (Employee Contract Status) for "Scheduled" was updated to "Offer Accepted" to avoid any confusion with the actual offer status of "Scheduled".
  • New color codes for each EPS (Employee Project Status) was introduced across the platform (scheduling, reporting and in the requests).
  • Bulk updating of statuses was introduced on both a request and applicant level (permission-dependent!).

Client Request Management:

  • Bug fix: EM approval / rejection issue of the same issue appearing on multiple requests was fixed.
  • Bug fix: Some users experienced an issue where the "Withdraw" popup was not functioning correctly.
  • Ability to manually override EPS was introduced (permission-dependent).
  • Ability to manually bulk override EPS was introduced (permission-dependent).
  • New EPS color codes were added.
  • Timestamp feed logic as updated to show the latest entry first and incomplete items remain hidden until updated.

Search Updates:

  • Ability to filter based on multiple CAS (Candidate Applicant Status).
  • Ability to filter based on multiple ECS (Employee Contract Status).
  • Ability to filter based on multiple EPS (Employee Project Status).
  • Enhanced filtering for Experiences - we now allow both "AND" and "OR" queries:

  • Ability to filter based on multiple TS (Talent Specialist).

Client Portal "Pushing Paper" Module:

We have released the first part of our "self-service" Pushing Paper functionality directly into the client portal allowing them to:

  • See more information about the request.
  • See a breakdown of their Consultants in each of the submittal / onboarding buckets (similar to how we see it in the admin portal):

  • Ability for clients to:
    • Bulk "Schedule" interviews with consultants.
    • Bulk "Reject" consultants.
    • Bulk "Book" consultants.
  • This allows them to actually bypass the interview phase completely and book the consultants immediately!
  • When clients bulk "Book" consultants they are asked to confirm the project start and end dates, allowing this information to be visible in Luna much earlier on in the process:

General Luna Updates:

  • In addition to the client being able to complete the scheduling and booking actions, the ability to "Book" and "Confirm" consultants is now also available in the request admin portal.
  • Bulk re-assignment tool was released:
    • Ability to bulk re-assign TS.
    • Ability to bulk re-assign JA.
    • Ability to bulk re-assign Interviewer.
  • Various minor UI and layout updates to the Consultant Digital Profiles.
  • Various minor UI and layout updates to the Client Portal.
  • Introducing the new "Release" archive section.


  • All current reports were updated to take advantage of the new statuses.
  • Scheduling report was updated to match new EPS colors.
  • New Beeline report export was released.
  • New Gignow report export was released.
  • A wide variety of contract / offer and status reports were released in order to help clean up and correctly manage data:
    • Missing offers report.
    • Exception report.
    • Submittal report.
    • Consultants starting in Jan 2022.
    • Missing ID Number report.
    • MIE report (part 1).
  • Finance and Billing reports were released:
    • Client vs Salary report.
    • Missing Salary information report.
    • SimplePay export/import report.
    • Cost Allocation report.
  • Talent pipeline report.
  • All Request tracking report.
  • Consultant approved status report.
  • PandaDoc Aging Report.
  • Replicon data export reports:
    • User extraction.
    • Client extraction.
    • Project extraction.
    • Task (Engagements) extraction.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need any help with the above functionality. With Ash and Dana on leave until Jan 3rd, feel free to contact me in their absence!

Looking forward to bringing you even more functionality and improvements in early Jan - so keep a look out for our Luna Release 2,2 update!

Thanks and compliments of the season to everyone!



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