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Luna Release 2.2

January 27 2022 • 1 min read

Luna Release 2.2

Release 2.2

Hi Dream Team

Our 2.2 release went live this week and we thought we'd share all the updates, new functionality, and new announcement format with you!

As you will see, this release update is now available inside of Luna and you now have access to all previous release notes too! To navigate to the release archive page, click the "Releases" option in the top right navigation pane, above your user menu:

There were quite a few updates and new Dashboards included in this release. The below is the following list of Enhancements and New Functionality for Release 2.2:

Ad-Hoc Improvements:

  • Update Outstanding Interviews to exclude Not in Play Applicants

Talent Team:

  • Segregate the admin dashboard report for candidates in progress

Vetting and Interviews:

  • Edit and Position profile pictures on Luna
  • Updated the Client and Request Name in Rejection Email
  • New Interviewer Group: 2023 Applicants

JA/TS Dashboards:

  • JA Dashboard
  • TS Dashboard Enhancements - (Not in Play)
  • JAC Dashboard


  • Daily JA Notifications
  • Manage offers from Employee Offers Report
  • Contract Submitted Column on Request

Internal Recruitment:

  • Internal Recruitment - Notifications of new applicants to the respective head of departments


  • Applicant upload Payroll Documents
  • Payroll Validation Report

Pushing Paper:

  • Enhancement: Contract Status column in offer bucket
  • Consultants can view a table of all opportunities they’ve been submitted to and the status of those opportunities:

Opportunities can have the following statuses:

  1. Presented ( Presented, EM Review, RFCS EPS in Admin Portal) 
  2. Under review (public profile has been shared with the client) (Summitted EPS in Admin Portal)
  3. Interview scheduled (the interview has been scheduled by the client) (Interviews Stage EPS in Admin Portal and a Sub status = Interview Status of "Interview Scheduled")
  4.  Interview completed (the interview has been completed) (Interview Stage EPS in Admin Portal and a Sub status = Interview Status of "Interview Completed")
  5. Rejected (consultant has been rejected by the client) (Withdrawn EPS in Admin Portal)
  6. Approved (consultant has been booked by the client) (Offers status and onwards EPS in Admin Portal)

Luna Statuses:

  • PandaDoc - Don’t ask for end date on permanent contracts
  • Enhancement - Reject Applicant Functionality: Additional Comments
  • Enhancement - Suggested Bucket: Hover over On Request
  • Non-Internal Profile Receives an Email Notification on Profile Creation
  • Override Application Status Permission to Talent Team
  • EM Email Notification when consultants are moved to the Review bucket
  • Update Employee Project Status Bucket: Withdrawn
  • Update Employee Project Status Bucket: RFCS
  • Update Employee Project Status Bucket: Presented
  • New - Employee Project Status: EM Reviewed

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need any help with the above functionality.

Looking forward to bringing you even more functionality and improvements in the next release!


Stefan Rossouw


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