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Taking Audit Online: How to Deploy a Virtual Team Before Busy Season

November 30 2020 • 2 min read

Taking Audit Online: How to Deploy a Virtual Team Before Busy Season

Busy season is quickly approaching. For public accounting firms, now is the time to recruit teams to carry out the impending workload. But there’s a new challenge this year: COVID-19 has slowed the world down. Many organizations are facing deflated financial resources, inflated ramp-up times, and heavier workloads across smaller teams. To top it off, many firms are navigating the uncharted waters of remote work for the first time—which can throw yet another wrench in the standard process. Now, what if we said you could deploy a fully-capable virtual team of skilled auditors in time for the busy season ahead? In fact, you can.

Virtual teams unlock the power of remote audit

We’ve said it before: technology will never replace skilled audit workers. But when technology and all-star auditors work in tandem, a whole new realm of possibilities opens for public accounting firms. As mentioned by Accounting Today, firms were already experimenting with virtual audit before COVID-19 entered the picture. The pandemic merely emphasized the benefits and expedited the shift toward virtual. Now, firms are refining their remote processes—and Makosi can help.

How Makosi Efficiently Manages Your Remote Team

When working remotely, it’s imperative to use the right technology and processes to avoid making mistakes or miscommunicating. While performing jobs remotely, Makosi provides support and coaching to ensure our audit seniors adhere to the same standards and regulations required to deliver high-quality, meticulous work during their placements. These are a few strategies we use to empower successful virtual teams:

Take advantage of technology

Today’s professionals have access to all the technology needed to get the job done from anywhere. From chat channels like Slack to video conferencing systems like Zoom, take advantage of tools to build rapport and streamline communication across virtual teams. Create secure group chats. Turn cameras on during virtual meetings. At Makosi, we do everything we can to recreate in-person environments online so that remote teams can connect with clients, stay focused, and complete essential tasks following compliance standards.

Maintain standard procedures

The technology and capabilities to work from anywhere already exist—so the only thing truly different about a virtual team is physical distance. As the industry transitions to an increasingly virtual and global workforce, we take all the necessary steps to maintain high-quality standards. This means mirroring in-person and on-site procedures when working online, no excuses. For example, remote auditors should always make hard copies of electronic communications to comply with standard documentation requirements.

Embrace flexible schedules

With many firm employees, clients, and on-demand audit teams working from home during the pandemic, there’s an increased need to balance work and life demands. The solution is simple: plan meetings and deadlines well in advance. And whenever in doubt, communicate with your virtual team—even if it feels like you’re over-communicating. Likewise, we coach our audit seniors to do the same.

Prepare for long-lasting change

COVID-19 has changed the way we work—and, in many ways, the “new normal” is here to stay. Virtual teams will not be a one-off solution for the next three, six, or twelve months. Instead, this year’s virtual teams will shape the future of remote audit. As a result, firms that embrace virtual today will become the innovative leaders of tomorrow.

Get ahead with an on-demand, virtual team

With over 500,000 hours billed and a global talent pool of more than 1,000 verified auditors, we know the ins and outs of managing successful virtual teams—and we can help you deploy and manage yours. Plus, we have the capabilities to onboard audit talent in 48 hours, so your firm can save time and have the team it needs before the busy season picks up. Contact us to discover how an on-demand, virtual-enabled team can fill your workforce gaps and help you get quality audit work done on time.


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