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The Secondment Model Is Dead. Here's What's Next For Strategic Variable Workforces.

March 22 2021 • 2 min read

The Secondment Model Is Dead. Here's What's Next For Strategic Variable Workforces.

During busy season, public accounting and audit firms need all hands on deck. Often, this means pulling your most valuable team members off of higher-level work to stay ahead of the work grind. This staffing model, commonly known as the secondment model, has helped many organizations get through plenty of busy seasons. 

But we’re here to posit that the secondment model is dead (or at least dying). This brings us to the future of strategic variable workforces. 

What Is the Secondment Model? 

First, let’s take a closer look at the secondment model itself. “Secondment” is when an employee or a team works for another “host” organization or another organization within the same company for a temporary period. 

Typically, secondment takes place to ensure adequate staffing during high pressure, short term projects. However, it can also be an effective way to keep daily tasks covered while developing an individual employee’s career. Or it can serve as a way to teach employees from different departments crucial skills that bolster the success of the entire organization. 

Cons of the Secondment Model

Whether the secondment means moving employees from one department to another or across the city to work for another organization, this staffing model comes with its fair share of upheavals. When done incorrectly, secondment leads to personal upheaval, burnout, and ineffective performance in new roles

Plus, it can be costly, especially if you’re paying a manager’s salary for entry-level work. 

The Benefits of Strategic Variable Workforces

Luckily, we’ve got a cost-effective and efficient alternative to the outdated secondment model. Makosi’s strategic variable workforces let you keep your top-level workers where they’re most needed while getting you through the worst of the grind. 


One of the biggest concerns with the secondment model is the potential for burnout. But with our proprietary Luna portal, we’re able to redeploy the same resources to your firm year after year, creating continuity of service that the secondment model just can’t. 


How often do secondment teams come with a team of personal and professional coaches? Makosi’s strategic variable workforce doesn’t just give you the expertise of skilled audit seniors; it also provides unparalleled support to ensure our workers thrive during their time on your project. 


Whether your firm needs five skilled auditors or 25+, we’re able to scale seamlessly using client-specific training and technology protocols. Plus, our global pool of talent means that we’re working outside the bounds of the industry’s workforce shortage.


At Makosi, we’re committed to enhancing the quality of your entire organization. Which is why we encourage our clients to leverage Luna to enhance their teams and resources. For example, firms can use our Luna platform to share their resources for free then supplement with our resources once that pool is depleted. It’s a collaborative win-win for everybody involved. 


While the secondment model has served many industries well, we believe strategic variable workforces are the future of audit. And, using our innovative Luna platform, we’re making flex workforces more efficient, scalable, and productive than ever before. Learn more or get in touch to see how Makosi can bolster your team. 


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