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Making room to grow.

Our story

In the early 2000s, sweeping change came to the public accounting industry.

As the Big Five became the Big Four in the wake of scandal, new regulations put more pressure around internal controls and compliance. The accounting world grew more complex, and the importance of audit quality became more critical than ever. At the same time, a problem that had always plagued accounting firms – turnover – remained the largest barrier to building a strong culture, planning for succession, and driving growth.

It was around that time that Darren Isaacs, a Chartered Accountant in South Africa, had an idea...

Having had the opportunity to use his training and skills abroad on secondment, he saw great potential in placing the right audit talent in the right place for the duration needed to manage busy season or other big projects. For young auditors, it would mean gaining invaluable experience while seeing the world. For firms, it would relieve pressure, reduce burnout, and allow their stars to shine and help grow the business. Inspired by the secondment model, Darren set out to make it better – with more expertise, more innovation, and more support to create the best possible experience for consultants and the firms they help. In 2006, Makosi was born.

Today, Makosi partners with accounting teams around the world to deliver high-quality variable workforce solutions, including audit, assurance, and advisory services.

Our technology platform brings efficiency and transparency to hiring, onboarding, and project management, while our dedicated engagement managers and journey advocates ensure that our clients and our consultants are fully supported throughout the process.

What’s more, we’re giving some of our revenue, and asking our consultants to give some of their time and energy, to put 10,000 children in developing countries through school. Because at Makosi, it’s all about making room to grow.

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We’re growing with our partners

“Makosi really invests in their people, providing them with variety, being able to travel, and working with similar businesses that they want to be working with.”

Audit Director

Cooper Parry

“What I like best about working with Makosi is that they fill a need first of all. But… they also make it very easy to set up a relationship with them.”

Partner in Charge


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