Now there’s room to grow™

Now there’s room to grow™

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Let us help you achieve your firm's tactical and strategic goals.

Our clients use us for different reasons. Whether you have a tactical need to just get through a busy period, or whether your focus is more strategic to innovate or re-engage your workforce, Makosi can help.

  • Reduce Costs
  • Create Flexibility
  • Improve Utilization
  • Grow Top Line
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Drive Diversity
  • Innovate
  • Just catch my breath
  • Improve Quality
  • (Re) Engage my workforce





Instead of hiring additional full-time staff, reduce costs by engaging a temporary, variable workforce that can provide additional capacity during busy periods of the yea

Creating flexibility through a variable workforce means a better planning process and more effective utilisation of full-time staff. A variable workforce can get routine audit work done, enabling your best in-house teams to focus on the highest value work.

Better utilization of in-house staff means more productive hours and more value added to clients. Excessive utilization rates of staff could lead to burnout and declining productivity.

Having access to a variable workforce that can be deployed within 48 hours, allows firms to pursue new business with confidence, knowing that delivery will always be taken care of.

Freeing up capacity to build relationships with your clients and deliver additional value above and beyond an audit is the first step to driving real customer satisfaction. Using a variable workforce as part of a strategy to deliver more, results in customers that become raving fans.

A variable workforce can move forward important strategic agendas for firms, including driving more diversity in the workforce.

The future of audit will require more data analytics and robotics process automation. A variable workforce can help deliver on this, either by building out these capabilities through technical teams, or enabling in-house innovation teams.

Operating at capacity, or close to full utilisation takes its toll on everyone, including HR, leadership, managers and staff. A variable workforce allows everyone to catch their breath when they need it most.

A variable workforce that's matched to your needs, trained and managed by our engagement managers, allows you to improve audit quality.

A variable workforce could play an important part in a firm's people strategy. An engaged workforce delivers more value, and employee engagement relies on having the best employees spending time learning and developing themselves as well as building their careers.

Let’s achieve your vision, together.

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