Now there’s room to grow™

Now there’s room to grow™

Why Makosi

Better backup

Because even though day one went well, someone will have to look after this team for the next 89 days.

“And how much is all this costing us?” your manager asks. She raises a good point. The vendor who promised you 25 quality auditors for a three-month contract did send them – but that was it. And the quality of their work? Well, 17 of them are doing fine.

The others are another story. You’ve got a few auditors regularly coming in late, looking like they didn’t get much sleep. You’ve got one having personal issues that are affecting his work. The rest just need more training to get up to speed on the project.

As for the vendor, they’re very hands-off – except when it comes to billing. So it’s your job to manage, teach, babysit … as if this current busy season wasn’t busy enough already.

With Makosi, you get better backup – from a dedicated Engagement Manager to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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With Makosi now you can:

Work with a dedicated Engagement Manager

An experienced accounting professional who knows the industry, your firm’s culture and priorities, and is there to make your experience the best it can be.

Choose the level of involvement you prefer from your engagement manager

Whether it’s light touch, hands on, or white glove, all at no additional charge.

Get faster resolution to any issues

That arise instead of waiting around for a response – or worse, having to dig in and solve everything yourself.

Receive ongoing advice from a trusted partner

Not just another vendor – who’s always looking for new ways to help your team thrive and your business grow.

More reasons to choose Makosi:

Smarter deployment
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Higher standards
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