Now there’s room to grow™

Now there’s room to grow™

Our impact mission

10,000 kids

At Makosi, we imagine a world in which everyone has the opportunity to pursue a high quality education. That is why we set out to put 10,000 kids through school.

10,000 Kids

Research Reports


Research Report 1

In preparation for the 10,000 Kids project, this report includes a detailed review of the scale of, and potential reasons for, systematic issues within education in developing countries. Report 1 is followed by Report 2 which explores the potential of investing in different stages of education to build an understanding of where the 10,000 Kids project should be positioned.

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Research Report 2

Report 2 explores the potential benefits of investing in different stages of education, and preliminary conclusions are drawn as to which investment stage will have the greatest impact. Understanding this has provided the foundation to shape the 10,000 Kids project, which will be outlined in-depth in Report 3.

Getting Started

Makosi Academy (Pilot Project)

Makosi Academy seeks to transform the lives of children living in underdeveloped communities of the world by providing them with access to high-quality education and on-going support from the beginning of their educational journeys until their tertiary graduation.

To kickstart the project, we launched a pilot in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, enrolling 11 learners and providing them with access to a cutting-edge curriculum and a variety of innovative digital experiences. We are currently collating all the data and insights gained from the project and integrating them into our overarching strategy of sending 10,000 kids to school.

There’s still a lot of work to be done- but we look forward to continuing to share that journey with you!

Why Education?

Education is a privilege not afforded to everyone. Education inequality is by far one of the most challenging problems in this world, and one that has a multifaceted impact on society and individuals alike. For every child that does not obtain a good quality education, society suffers in a number of ways, most notably, increasing crime, poverty, unemployment, etc.

Improve lives, meaningfully and sustainably.

Sustainable impact to us means aligning a series of actions that result in the betterment of others for a prolonged period irrespective of our physical presence or existence.

10,000 Books Initiative

2022 Impact
"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”
- Kofi Annan.


Books Donated

R750 000+


Makosi Reading Program


Communities Visited

21 000+

Kids Impacted

Magical moments with the kids

The unforgettable moments of 2022 touched many hearts and brought smiles all around.

How we plan to meet our goals

We have an entire team dedicated to getting this initiative off the ground. As with any new adventure, the learning curve will be steep, and we look forward to identifying our wins and misses and sharing those insights transparently.

It is said, that if you want to go quickly, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.

Thus, we have begun the process internally to identify the right partners to work with on the ground in each country. Our goal is to create cohesion in the provision of resources and the development of existing structures in a non-disruptive manner to community ecosystems. We also feel that it is extremely important that our clients and consultants walk this journey with us.


The 10,000 Kids
Journey Podcast

With Paul Emery

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About the 10K
Kids Journey

This podcast, The 10K Kids Journey - Unleashing education around the world, aims to bring the 10,000 Kids vision and mission to life through insightful discussions with industry experts and people who have real-world experience with projects like these; we are calling them our champions.

Success leaves clues, and all our champions have inspiring success stories to share, as they have already forged the path we aim to follow.

Through the knowledge gained from these discussions, we want to unleash the potential of children around the world by restoring their right to learn. It's more challenging than just providing quality education, so we're taking a holistic approach that will enable us to reach marginalized kids in remote areas of the world. Our approach is locally driven and long-term, tailored to meet the specific needs of each community that champions local people as the drivers of change and sustainability.

We've identified six pillars to address to fulfill our vision and mission.

Are we teaching the right things for the children to become tomorrow’s leaders, thinkers, and game changers in a way that gives them a hand-up, not a handout?

Welfare / Trauma (PTSD)

Helping kids work through past experiences and use it to pull themselves out of their circumstances using some of their biggest challenges as strengths.

Infrastructure / Facilities

Focus on using a holistic approach that nurtures and supports world-class education irrespective of where they are.


For long-term sustainability, we need to strengthen the capacity of staff, students, parents, teachers, governing bodies, gardeners, Makosi employees, and Makosi clients through training.


Contributing towards making sure that there are safe and nurturing environments for sustainable impact.


Support locally driven governance that is sustainable by empowering those local communities to drive that sustainable governance.

Meet our

Through The 10K Kids Journey - Unleashing education around the world, we'll engage with thought leaders who have been in the field and are actively involved in various CSI initiatives.

Our conversations with these experts will take a deep dive into the six pillars which will steer the way forward with this project.

They are:

Nano Ngwane

10,000 Kids Global Project Manager, Makosi

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Thembalami Mkhwanazi Dube

Former Dean of Students – Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls

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Motsei Masilo

PhD Candidate, MBA (Sustainable Business), HR Strategy and Organizational Development Consultant

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David van der Westhuijzen

Former head of the Department of Basic Education Infrastructure - ASIDI

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Lebogang Montjane

Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa

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