Now there’s room to grow™

Now there’s room to grow™

Back-to-back excellence!

Makosi is a Top Employer 2024 in South Africa for the second consecutive year.

This certification is not just a badge of honor; it reflects our unwavering dedication to living and leading with purpose and vision for our Makosi Rockstars. By consistently setting higher standards in global people practices and policies, we empower our people with room to grow.

Makosi Top Employers 2024

The rigorous assessment

The Top Employer certification process is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's HR practices, covering six domains and 20 topics, with 350 HR Best Practices.

Makosi has excelled in these domains, improving on our previous year's rankings, showcasing our sincere commitment to continuous betterment and excellence.

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The 6 domains are:


Strategic direction setting, aligning leadership and HR strategies with business goals.


Crafting HR policies, practices, and programs to support organizational objectives.


Efforts in attracting top talent through employer branding and talent acquisition.


Employee development strategies, learning initiatives, and career advancement opportunities.


Employee engagement and retention strategies for a positive work environment.


Creating a cohesive and inclusive workplace culture through living our values and championing integrity and diversity and inclusion​​.

What does this mean for your business?

The work environment has a significant impact on employees’ daily experience. A pleasant and comfortable office space improves productivity, helps with talent acquisition, and fosters the team’s overall sense of wellbeing.

As a fully remote team, we take extra care in ensuring that our team’s working environment is conducive to productivity. And when our employees are happy it translates into a ripple effect of positivity, driving our Makosi Rockstars to deliver exceptional client service with every project.

Our work is of the highest standard and our teams are world-class. When working with Makosi you don’t just get world-class talent. You get Makosi people.

We’ve asked six subject matter experts at Makosi
to delve into their respective domain.

In this video series, they each reflect on what their domain means to them, and to Makosi as a whole.
Each video is a reflection on what makes us proud to be a Top Employer for the second consecutive year.

What does this mean for Makosi?

Being a Top Employer for two consecutive years, with a focus on improving year-over-year, symbolizes our commitment to high standards and our values. We proudly employ up to 1,250 finance professionals throughout the year who service clients in over 16 countries, offering a compelling employment proposition: the ability to work with international clients either virtually or through global mobility assignments.

Makosi consultants enjoy international exposure, career advancement, and attractive benefits. The Top Employer certification is a testament to our serious approach to being a top-tier employer and provider in the global marketplace.

Makosi Top Employers 2024

“As Makosi secures its position as a Top Employer for the second consecutive year, it highlights not just our dedication to excellence, but our unwavering commitment to fostering a workplace that thrives on positivity, innovation, accountability, and commitment. This recognition from the Top Employer Institute reinforces our vision of shaping a people-centric environment that empowers our staff and sets a new standard in the industry. Together, we're not just building a better workplace; we're setting the stage for a future where everyone at Makosi has the support, resources, and opportunity to excel. Let's celebrate this achievement and aim even higher in the years to come.”

Lindsay Gaal

Global Chief People Officer, Makosi

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