Now there’s room to grow™

Now there’s room to grow™


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August 23 2023 12:00:00

Why successful busy seasons are a result of what you do in the interim

Utilize the interim for a successful busy season

June 12 2023 12:00:00

How focusing on Costs, Quality, and Continuity can alleviate firms' biggest challenges

The challenges that the accounting industry have faced over the last 10 years have relatively remained the same, but the...

March 22 2023 11:30:00

Employee Benefit Plan Audits - How firms are maximizing growth and innovation

Join a panel of industry pro's as they discuss how firms can stop overlooking this work and start delivering these audit...

September 20 2022 18:00:00

Find out more about the opportunities at Makosi for 2023

We will be hosting a Makosi career day on the 20th September at 6pm SAST, where we will be running through the opportuni...

November 03 2022 18:30:00

The 2022 SAICA trailblazer of the year: Musa Maluleka

This Thursday we are excited to host the amazing winner of the 2022 SAICA Trainee Trailblazer competition; Musa Maluleka...

September 16 2022 23:00:00

The Cost of Audit: A detailed analysis of the cost of audit resources

Isn’t it strange how sometimes, we as accountants forgo some basic accounting concepts when it comes to our own firms? J...

October 16 2022 18:00:00

Your Makosi Journey Begins

Join the Makosi leadership team as they share the adventure ahead and what to expect from your upcoming Team Building ev...

November 16 2022 19:00:00

Your New Applicant Profile

We have recently launched our new platform designed to help place applicants quicker and more efficiently.

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