Now there’s room to grow™

Now there’s room to grow™

Why Makosi

Smarter deployment

Because finding the right skills is only half the battle.

If you’re going to meet the current surge in demand, you’ll need more staff, like, yesterday. But you’re far too busy to source, hire, onboard, and train temporary talent yourself. Even if you can find seasonal audit staff who are qualified enough to jump right in...

You’re still going to need specific industry expertise … and the right soft skills … and the culture fit … and on and on. And once you find them, who’s going to fill out the paperwork, set up the technology, and monitor their work?

Without all these boxes checked, things could go south fast, creating even more headaches, more work, and unhappy clients. But time – and your sanity – is running out.

With Makosi, you get smarter deployment – so your firm can benefit from a simpler, faster onboarding process, a helpful technology portal, a real commitment to culture fit, and more.

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With Makosi now you can:

Deploy your team in as little as 48 hours

By quickly identifying the right contractors for the job and implementing a smoother onboarding process.

Curate the best team for your needs

According to industry experience and other areas of expertise.

Bring in auditors that can hit the ground running

Because they know what’s expected and are fully equipped to do the work.

Get a technology portal

That lets you see video intros, schedule interviews, and select candidates, rate their performance, and view reports.

Benefit from a streamlined onboarding process

That makes everything easier for IT, legal, and HR teams.

Get just the right fit

In terms of culture and soft skills to ensure your permanent staff and contractors all work well together to create a great experience.

More reasons to choose Makosi:

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