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Our Practice Areas

Too many firms are hitting a growth ceiling right now, but it’s not for lack of opportunities.

It’s simply because they don’t have enough staff to take on new projects and aren’t able to take on new employees. To give yourself room to grow, you’ve got to have a way to bring in world-class talent on an as-needed basis. And that means a variable workforce model to support your in-house needs.

External Audit

Our platform offers instant access to the world’s best External Audit professionals, so you can supplement your full-time workforce with skilled Audit Seniors and cover increased workloads at peak times

Transaction Advisory

Get instant access to a global pool of deals professionals allowing leaders to handle surge capacity, scale up and down as needed and continue to seize the opportunity to grow their business and keep their people engaged.

Accounting Advisory

Accounting advisors assist business owners in building an effective and efficient finance function with a range of innovative accounting, reporting and analytical services.

Internal Audit

Makosi professionals assist organizations to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

IT Audit

Information technology audits determine whether established IT controls protect corporate assets. In the world of constant disruption, the dependence on Information Technology to ensure data integrity has upsurged tremendously.

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