Now there’s room to grow™

Now there’s room to grow™

Internal vacancies

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Our hiring process

1. Complete an application

Whether you’re applying for an internal position at Makosi or to become one of Makosi’s rockstar consultants, your journey begins with the completion of an online application form. This is where you upload your rockstar profile. It’s an exciting journey and if you hit any roadblock along the way, help is just a click away!

Our hiring process

2. Have an initial interview

Let’s connect! Once your application has been received, your resume and experience will be assessed against the key requirements of the role. If applicable, we’ll arrange an initial screening interview for you, with one of our internal rockstars from the Talent Team.

Our hiring process

3. Meet the Hiring Manager

If you’re successful in your initial interview, a follow-up interview will be scheduled, so you can meet with the Hiring Manager of the relevant Department. You’ll get an opportunity to share your experience and knowledge, and tell us more about your unique abilities. The stage is yours, rockstar! It’s your time to shine!

Our hiring process

4. Have coffee with leadership

Our Leadership team is invested in supporting all Makosi rockstars throughout their professional and personal development and journeys. The final step of the interview process is a coffee date with one of the Leadership Team members. You’ll enjoy some thought-provoking engagement and get the opportunity to gain more insight into Makosi’s vision as an organisation.

Our hiring process

5. Undertake assessments

It’s important to us to ensure that each member that joins our team is presented with an opportunity and environment to fully embrace their unique abilities. As part of our commitment to assist all Makosi employees in achieving success, we ask you to complete several assessments. These give us a better understanding of your working styles, communication preferences, and how best we can support you in your career and personal development.

Our hiring process

6. Decision making & feedback

If you’re selected as the successful candidate based on your application and having successfully completed the interview process, we’ll extend you a favorable offer.

But even if an applicant isn’t successful in this journey, we remain committed to giving all applicants feedback on their applications. Development feedback is as important to us as it is to you!

Our hiring process

7. Acceptance & onboarding

Welcome to the team, rockstar! Let the magic begin!

We will initiate your uniquely designed onboarding process once you’ve signed on the dotted line. You can expect regular communication from us in preparation for your first day, which includes getting you set up with your ‘office in a box’ and some additional exciting deliveries.


Technology & Innovation

Senior Business Analyst

South Africa, Virtual • Starting Immediately

Sales & Marketing

Client Success Manager

East Coast, USA • Starting Immediately

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