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10,000 Books For 10,000 Kids: A 2022 Makosi Book Drive

April 26 2022 • 1 min read

10,000 Books For 10,000 Kids: A 2022 Makosi Book Drive

Changing The World One Book at a Time.

Launched under our social impact mission: 10 000 Kids, the drive appeals to everyone to join us in our efforts of collecting 10 000 books to help develop reading and writing skills among children living in marginalized communities of South Africa and other developing countries of the world.

Our beneficiary communities face many inequalities in accessing meaningful literacy learning resources, leading to significant economic and social impacts at both individual and societal levels. It is these worrying realities and challenges of others that inspired us to launch the initiative.

Through this drive and its sister literacy project, Makosi Reading Days, we aim to build a culture of reading across our beneficiary communities and help stimulate in them, a long-lasting love for reading, writing, and storytelling so they can grow up to be confident, and well-articulated individuals in society. We aim to impact kids an encourage them to pick up books from the early development stages right through to our South African teens, making reading cool again.

These books will help open a world of possibilities, enabling 10 000 kids to expand their minds, and explore places far beyond their neighborhoods and backgrounds.

Join us, and together, let’s make a difference.

Types of books to donate:

  • Reading books for children aged 0-6 years with lots of graphics
  • Reading books for children aged 6-18 years: fiction, non-fiction, and braintertainment type magazines also welcome

Book Donations Are Accepted In These Areas:

Main Drop Off Points:

Cape Town

Contact Person: Amy Brodkin

Contact Number: 082 927 7302


Contact Person: Samiksha Sukdeo

Contact Number: 084 869 7004


Contact Person: Mpho Lebethe

Contact Number: 064 479 7185

NOTE: Please call and arrange to drop off with the person closest to you ahead of dropping off to ensure availability.

Other Ways To Donate

Alternatively, you can buy the books online and have them delivered to Jessica Makua’s drop-off point in Mpumalanga. Please send an e-mail confirmation ([email protected]) so we know to expect the package. You can also purchase a voucher and send it to the e-mail above; we can buy the books on your behalf.

We are working on securing more drop-off points across South Africa, however, in the meantime, we are happy to collect the books from you via courier.


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