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Busy Season 2021 Is Wrapping Up. Now, Take A Deep Breath. It's Time to Start Planning Your Busy Season Staffing for 2022.

April 28 2021 • 2 min read

Busy Season 2021 Is Wrapping Up. Now, Take A Deep Breath. It's Time to Start Planning Your Busy Season Staffing for 2022.

We’ve made it through the busy season, and it can be tempting to think it's back to business-as-usual. Unfortunately, as we all know, we can’t sit back and wait for the next one to hit us. We need to prepare—so that next year will go even more smoothly than this one.

Start planning your busy season staffing

The easiest way to do this is to plan: Which weeks were something of a scramble? Where did you wish you had a little more help? Did you need teams on-site more often than you realized? Did some of your team members take on more work than they should have? Was burn-out an issue?

The best way to set up some busy season staffing solutions is to sit down with those questions and answer them. Conduct a postmortem and figure out what could be done better next year. Right now, while your mind is fresh and you know already what worked and what didn’t. Schedule a meeting with your team and hammer out exactly what you’ll need to do next year.

It’s also worth checking-in on whether there have been any pronouncements that may affect next year differently. Will you need to make changes or adapt to a changing environment? Will there be additions to your client list that may affect your needs? Could you be short a few more employees? Plan for atypical events that might change the way things go the next time around. 

Get ahead of your competitors with these busy seasons staffing solutions

Audit work is strategic and quick, but it can most certainly be planned for. And planning can easily put you ahead of the game—especially because all of your competitors are going to be facing the exact same problem at the exact same time. Getting ahead of the rush is your only option before the busy season comes calling again.

So real quick, let’s take an inventory. What are you going to need this time next year?

Be sure to pay attention to the wellbeing of your own team. The seasonal nature of audit  work can be stressful, and if team members need to take a breather, go on vacation, or just step away for a minute, it’s not a bad idea to have virtual team members ready to provide coverage. Especially as audit season has been known to lead to burn-out, quitting, and even a change of career, depending on how stressful the season was. 

We work hard to avoid that. 

Makosi’s skilled auditors are on stand-by just waiting for your next busy season to begin. 

Whether you need on-site, virtual, or digital teams at the ready, we can step in to fill gaps, tackle short-term projects, help with product launches, and manage seasonal support so that you don’t have to deal with hiring, onboarding, training, then relieving temporary workers every year (or overworking your existing team).

Let us handle the extra work with on-demand audit talent at the ready. 


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