Now there’s room to grow™

Now there’s room to grow™

Makosi Journey Stories: Building a Career at Makosi

As part of our "Makosi Journey Stories" blog series, we are sharing the career stories of our consultants. We want to showcase our people who have incredible and unique work experiences. This is the story of Michelle Zwonnikoff CA(SA), Senior Consultant.

June 15 2022 • 1 min read

Makosi Journey Stories: Building a Career at Makosi

I joined Makosi in January 2022 as a Senior Audit Consultant post completing my articles with another firm in South Africa. So far, I am enjoying my role- working with a wide range of international clients across different sectors and gaining valuable experience in mortgage banking audits for clients based in the United States of America. I have my sights on joining the Transaction Advisory Services division in the near future.  

Life Before Makosi- My Journey to CA(SA) 

I decided I wanted to become a CA(SA) in late high school because of my deep interest in finance. I was genuinely curious to learn more about how things work in the big, wide financial world, and that is why I went on to complete my BCom, CTA, and PGDip at the University of Pretoria. After completing my studies, I went on to do my articles with EY while continuing to study part-time and completed my CFA Level I and II. 

Joining Makosi- My Interview and Onboarding Experience 

I discovered Makosi while searching for a job on LinkedIn, and through a friend. Looking for growth and new opportunities, I wanted to join a company that cared about its people and their growth. Both my interview and onboarding experience were amazing, I felt welcome from day one. 

Thriving on-Project 

My on-project experience has been nothing short of amazing. Both my Client and Engagement Manager set me up for success and provided me with unparallel support in adjusting to a different time zone and helping me show up as my best self. Learning about industries I was never exposed to in articles is the biggest win of my experience at Makosi. 

Career Goals and Ambitions 

The next step for me is hopefully a transition to Makosi TAS, so I can begin a career in deals and start accumulating experience towards the CFA charter. All going well, I can add those 3 charter holder letters behind my name in the future! 

Advice to Others 

If you are thinking of joining Makosi, I would advise you to have a positive attitude and be ready to learn and explore new things. You never know what new doors can be opened for you. 

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