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We are NOT a Staffing Firm: How Makosi's Tech-Forward Approach Sets Us Apart

August 18 2020 • 2 min read

We are NOT a Staffing Firm: How Makosi's Tech-Forward Approach Sets Us Apart

“But aren’t you just another staffing firm?” It’s a question we’ve heard countless times (and one we never get tired of answering). While we share many of the same goals as staffing firms—namely, making sure you’ve got the right workforce to get the job done—our patented system gives us some distinct advantages. Through our tech-forward approach, we can overcome talent shortages, shorten expensive lead times, and supply our clients with a flexible roster of skilled audit workers.   

Overcome the talent shortage

According to Bullhorn’s 2019 report, 73% of recruiters believe talent shortages are an issue. According to Terra Staffing Group, “With much of the best talent already employed, recruiters must look beyond candidates who are actively applying for jobs and use cold outreach to find talented candidates who are already working.” The result is a highly competitive job market with firms scrambling to outbid each other to recruit skilled workers. 

At Makosi, we sidestep this particular challenge by recruiting international talent. Each of our Audit Seniors is highly skilled, highly educated, and highly motivated. When you partner with Makosi, you’re not just choosing from a small pool of auditors in your area. You’re getting the best and brightest minds from around the world. 

Shorten expensive lead times

According to Glassdoor, it takes 24 days to hire a new team member in the United States. If you’re trying to scale up your workforce to meet the demands of a new project or tackle a busy season, that’s 24 days that your team is stuck working suboptimally. 

Workflow fluctuations are a natural (and sometimes maddening) part of the audit industry. When asked how they prepare for busy seasons, an overwhelming majority of our clients report that they “hope for the best and plan for the worst.” At Makosi, we can take that planning one step further. 

Since we recruit and retain our roster of skilled audit workers for an entire calendar year, we can reduce expensive lead times. Instead of weeks, you can have skilled off-shore or in-person support on your project in days (or even hours).   

Personal and professional coaching

And our support doesn’t stop once our auditors are onboarded. We provide ongoing coaching, training, and development opportunities to ensure our candidates reach their full potential. Because we genuinely believe that this experience is about more than just checking the right boxes. It’s about providing a life-changing experience. 

As countless studies have shown, engaged and passionate workers are productive workers. By treating our recruitment program like the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it is, we’re passing along the benefit of highly engaged, eager, and skilled professionals. 

So is Makosi a staffing firm? 

Game-changers. Revolutionaries. Global recruiters. You can call us many things, but “staffing firm” isn’t one of them. Thanks to our patented technology and recruiting platform, we’re empowering our clients to think outside the traditional staffing box and experience the future of audit. Get in touch to learn more about how we’re able to reduce costs, save you time, and drive consistent, high-quality results. 


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