Now there’s room to grow™

Now there’s room to grow™

Need a talent boost for busy season?
It's not too late!

Find highly skilled staff today! Get the staff you need for busy season without long term contracts, lengthy onboarding, or time intensive training.

The busiest season of the year can be a challenge for most firms as they navigate through supporting their core team to deliver on the audit needs for their business, all while managing client demands & relationships.

Makosi can help you with finding, integrating and managing a variable workforce so that your core team can focus on the work in the business that reallv matters - like growing it!

With Makosi you get:

Highly skilled staff available now

Because you can't afford to put your reputation in the hands of a temp who doesn't share your standards. Read More...

48 hrs to deploy

By quickly identifying the right contractors for the job and implementing a smoother onboarding process we can deploy your team in as little as 48 hours. Read More...

Support your growth - Work with a dedicated Engagement Manager

An experienced accounting professional who knows the industry, your firm's culture and priorities, and is there to make your experience the best it can be. Read More...

Don't burn your core team out

Receive ongoing advice from a trusted partner.

Talent ONLY when you need it

If you're going to meet the current surge in demand, you'll need more staff, like, yesterday. Read More...

How Makosi helps your firm grow

Technical Accounting

Get instant access to a global pool of Technical Accounting professionals allowing clients to handle surge capacity, scale up and down as needed and continue to seize the opportunity to grow their business and keep their people engaged.

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