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Can a Doused Fire Burn?: A Makosi Employee's Reflection on the Devastation of the Recent UCT Fires and Helping Displaced Students

May 28 2021 • 2 min read

Can a Doused Fire Burn?: A Makosi Employee's Reflection on the Devastation of the Recent UCT Fires and Helping Displaced Students

“On the beautiful mountains in Cape Town, we got to see first-hand how devastating nature and her elements can really be. Having felt the fear of seeing the fire running down the mountain towards the town and closer to my house the thought of “I wish I could help” came to mind, and the help had to be a little more than dropping off energy drinks to the local fire station.”

Jano, a Makosi employee, recalls his experience seeing the fires that affected the Cape Town area a few weeks ago. At Makosi, we work closely with a wonderful community of accounting professionals from South Africa. We bridge a gap by connecting their incredible talent with their sought-after career opportunities. Over the years working with this community, it’s hard not to grow close to the individuals and become invested in their lives and everything they care about.  

So when a fire broke out  that destroyed parts of the University of Cape Town, where many of our Makosi employees once attended school, we wanted to help. Not only was this a way to give back to a community that we work so closely with, but this was a way to honor those on our team who were devastated seeing their community being ruined as well.

So many amazing organizations stepped up to help and donate at this time as well. Makosi CEO, Darren Isaacs, suggested putting together packages of stationary and school supplies to deliver to the students who were displaced by the destruction of the fires. At Makosi, we empowered an South African employee, Jano, to help us with sourcing, packaging and delivery of stationary.

See below a continuation of the first-hand account from Jano on the impact of the fires and a reflection on what Makosi’s donation would do to aid the students that were affected.

“Contrary to what you may think, the fire burns hardest once the flames have been doused. It was at this point that we made a plan and were fortunate enough to be able to assist 150 students that were affected by the fires in providing a stationery set (pens, pencils exam pads and the like) to each.

Asking one of these students how they were enjoying the high life of hotels and town, was when the level of uncertainty dawned on me. Can you imagine being moved from place to place week to week after losing all or most of your personal belongings stored in your little residence room? Not knowing when you might be heading back, if at all.

The stationery might not solve all of their problems, yet I believe it does at least help with a small part of the uncertainty. It also adds a great deal of appreciation knowing you are working with people who are there to support those in need.

Who knows? One of these stationery kits may help one of the future billionaire CEO’s of South Africa jot down their ideas to get out of their current situation and circumstances.”


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